How to Motivate Your Staff

4 Questions That Can Facilitate Employee Engagement

Managers and other people in key leadership positions have a responsibility to keep those they lead engaged so that productivity can remain high. Below are some questions that can be used as a guideline by managers to keep their teams engaged through employee engagement workshops.

What Options Are Available?

Leaders can engage their subordinates by resisting the urge to give solutions to all issues that develop. Employees can be engaged by involving them in suggesting remedies to a problem. This engagement can be triggered by asking the employees to suggest the different options that can be considered when dealing with the current issue. The employees will tap into their creativity and experience to find ways to solve the problem. The problem-solving process will, therefore, become a collective activity that engages all your employees.

What Can We Learn From This?

Another way that can be used to engage employees is by asking them to explain what lessons can be learnt from a situation that has just been handled. For example, you can ask those employees to explain what the company can learn from the recent customer complaints about a defective product. The lessons identified by the employees can form the basis for preventing related problems from developing later on.

What Has Been Effective For You?

You can also ask your employees to recommend the approaches that have yielded results for them when you are faced with a problem at the workplace. This will encourage the team members to open up about their experiences in a similar situation. The options that are given should be noted down so that the most appropriate remedy is selected. Your company will benefit from the increased level of employee engagement that results.

What Support Do You Need?

Employee engagement can also be boosted when their leaders ask how an employee can be supported. Being willing to help the employee shows that individual that the company values their contribution. Such an employee is therefore likely to be more engaged when at work once they are assured of the support of their superiors.

Questions are not the only way to raise employee engagement. Other techniques, such as delegation and recognition, may be necessary as well. It may, therefore, be essential for you to organise employee engagement workshops by reaching out to someone like Paul Rigby - Motivational Speaker for Change for your leadership team and the staff so that different techniques can be explored. Such workshops can be organised periodically so that a high degree of employee engagement can be nurtured and sustained.