How to Motivate Your Staff

Two Tips for People Who Find It Hard to Motivate Themselves to Study

If you're attending university or taking any type of training course and you cannot find the motivation you need to start studying, the tips that are given here might help you.

Utilise colour psychology

'Colour psychology' is a term that is used to describe how people react to and can be psychologically affected by exposure to different colours. The research that has been done into this area suggests that people's moods and behaviours could potentially be influenced by the colours around them.

If you cannot currently summon the willpower to begin studying, it might be worth utilising colour psychology to make yourself feel motivated. To do this, however, you must first determine what emotion is causing you to resist this activity; for example, you might not want to study because you fear that you won't be able to understand and memorise the more complex aspects of the course materials (and that you will then fail your exams because of this) or you may not want to do this because you are exhausted from trying to juggle your studies with your job and numerous other responsibilities.

If you're fearful, then surrounding yourself with soft blue hues when it's time to study could be effective, as this colour is said to induce feelings of tranquillity. Including a few shades of yellow might also help, as this hue is associated with optimism, which you will need to overcome your fearfulness and to believe that you can pass your exams.

If you are simply very tired, then surrounding yourself with red objects during your study sessions could energise you, as red is thought to stimulate and excite people.

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Consider studying with others

If you're friends with some of the people who are taking the same course as you, then you might want to set up a group study session. If you arrange to study with other people and you know that these individuals will need to take time out of their day to meet up with you, you will feel obligated to go and to put effort into studying during this session. The social pressure of studying in this manner could help you to conquer your lack of motivation.

However, it should be noted that this approach will only work if you invite studious and sensible people who will not get distracted or spend the study session encouraging you to discuss topics unrelated to your course. As such, you must be careful when deciding who you will do this activity with.